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Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Health Workers on Routine Data Reporting at two Public Hospitals in Namibia.


Indileni Nakale*, Ndilimeke Elia and Jomin George

Background: The study purpose was to assess knowledge, attitudes and practices of healthcare workers on data routine reporting where doctors and nurses from Walvis Bay and Windhoek central hospitals were participants. The aim of the study was to evaluate healthcare workers' knowledge, attitudes, and practice regarding routine data reporting.

Method: A cross-sectional study was conducted and quantitative method was used for data collection. Probability sampling method was used to randomly draw a sample size of 102, where 51 participants were drawn from each hospital. Respondents were given self-administered structured questionnaires, and data were analyzed using google forms and Microsoft excel. The data were compiled and summarized using cross-tabulations.

Results: The results indicated that among 102 respondents, the majority of respondents (n=59; 58%) were aware of the key components of data routine reporting and more than half of the respondents (n=75; 74%) have knowledge of what data routine reporting is. Workload was one of the contributors which are the highest chosen as more than 44% of healthcare workers complain of time constraints due to workload. 39% of healthcare workers indicated that they had not received proper training on the data reporting system and more than half 63% were not trained occasionally.

Conclusion: HCWs from both hospitals showed an excellent level of knowledge and practice toward reporting however, bad attitude was determined to be their main weakness. Finally, occasional training and hiring administrators were highly recommended.

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