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The Negative Effects of the Corona Effect on the Propagation of Radio and TV Waves


Avni kumar*

Due to the ever-increasing demands placed on the quality of reception of radio and TV waves, and that these demands are manifested by a considerable number of complaints against obstacles, especially in those countries that have a highly developed radio-television network, the factors that can reduce the efficiency of reception of transmissions, for example: radio broadcasting and the efficiency of many other services, attract more and more attention. High-voltage power lines cause significant high-frequency radio-television obstacles, therefore, the current and future high-voltage lines that are planned to be built will require better choices to be taken into account during design (alternative) in such a way that the problem of obstacles is reduced. Weather deterioration (rain, humidity) significantly increases the electrical discharges and in this case the interference field also increases, which negatively affects the propagation of radio and TV waves. The corona effect as a phenomenon intensifies especially in cases of bad meteorological conditions, in this case, in addition to the noise in the vicinity of the airline where the corona effect occurs, the smell of ozone can also be felt, then the electromagnetic waves that prevent the reception of radio and TV signals appear. As you can see, the corona has harmful consequences, so it is undesirable in the work of air lines, especially in high voltage ones. The purpose of this scientific research is to analyze the negative effects of the corona effect on the propagation of radio and TV waves and the possibility of limiting or reducing these negative effects.

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