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The Impact of Government Schemes in Generating a Greater Financial Literacy and Inclusion in Rural Areas of Karnataka


S. Sahana* and R. Sukanya

Governments in any country or region have an important role to play in the domain of financial literacy enhancement and financial inclusion generation. With the correct strategies and schemes coming in from the government at all levels, it becomes beneficial in ensuring betterment in this cause. The study here has taken a secondary method of data collection and analysed the same using thematic analysis technique to ensure that better understanding of the levels of financial literacy and inclusion that has been generated in the state of Karnataka is presented. The use of a critical analysis technique has been employed, wherein; the data has been collected from various authentic sources. Government websites have been scanned to generate appropriate data about the schemes and statistical evidence have been provided from these sources as well, which has helped in attaining betterment in this case. The study has highlighted the fact that the levels of financial literacy and inclusion in the state of Karnataka is constantly increasing and has shown a constant growth curve as well. Government schemes and policies have had a major impact on the same, which can be a critical area that determines the overall success of the same. Therefore, it has been indicated that with betterment in terms of government interventions and schemes, better results in financial literacy and inclusion can be facilitated. It can help in joining more people from backward areas into mainstream banking and other financial inclusion and can help in triggering better levels of success as well.

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