Experimental Study of Behavior of Conventional Concrete with Egg Shell Powder and Egg Yolk, Egg White


Manjushree V. Gaikwad*, Akash R. Nanaware, Aditya M. Kamble, Aatish A. Sathe and Suraj D. Mhasawade

India is the third largest egg producer and fourth hen broiler production in the world reported by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Statistics Division. Most of egg shell waste is willing in landfills without any pre-treatment because it is conventionally useless and eventually creates serious eco problems. The actual treatment and operation of bio-waste is a ecological and economic angle. Removal of egg shell waste is not a income Centre. Egg whites or egg yolk were generally used as adhesive which is a compound that adheres or bonds two items. Historically, they were also used to produce paint binder. the world's egg companies process an estimate done million eggs. Earlier works on the combination concrete conducted by scholars have led us to the point that the egg shell ash /powder can be used as an additive in concrete production. egg shells can be produced a new raw material for development in the construction industry as an additive in the conventional concrete. Eggshell powder and egg yolk, egg white used as a partial replacement without compromising performance characteristics of concrete including durability. The scope of study is to establish to achieve the objectives and this study will be mainly concentrated on experimental works. Experiments regarding compression strength and spilt tensile strength on the partial replacement of egg shell powder and egg yolk and egg white in concrete will be carried out in order to study the behavior of concrete. India used as natural admixture in this research work. White albumen and egg yellow yolk of broiler egg was thoroughly mixed and added to concrete. egg yolk and egg white was used as Natural admixture (NAD), both egg white albumen and yellow yolk was mixed thoroughly and added to concrete.

During the world, concrete is presence broadly used for the structure of greatest of buildings bridges etc. Presently, the complete construction industry is in exploration of an appropriate and operative the unused product that would greatly minimalize the use of cement and eventually decrease the creation cost. Such a substitute material is egg shell powder and egg yolk. Greatest of egg shell waste is willing in landfills short of any pre-treatment since it is conventionally unusable and eventually makes thoughtful eco glitches. Therefore, proper alternate is required to manage the wastes in eco-friendly way. In this developing world, many countries are going to urbanization due to population growth. Since Malaysia is one of developing countries, the construction will grow in the future. Hen egg is one of the waste materials which generated from the industry and it is contributed to the environmental and disposal problem due to egg shell increase continuously in recent years. Therefore, reuse egg shell as an additive in concrete is a better solution to reduce the environmental problem. The goal of this investigation work is to use the egg shell powder, egg yolk as a limited additional of cement. Egg shell powder is replaced by 0%, 1.5%, 3%, 4.5% and 6% and egg yolk and egg white is replaced by 0%, 0.2%, 0.4%, 0.6% and 0.8% in addition. After curing period of 28 days, it is checked for its compressive strength, spilt tensile strength test are taken.

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