Assessing Sotrovimab′s Effectiveness in Mitigating Disease Progression and Mortality among COVID-19 Patients in the Omicron Period: Insights from an Empirical Investigation


Ricardo Fajardo

Commencing in May 2021, the utilization of sotrovimab in Italy for early-stage treatment of SARS-CoV-2 infection and disease progression prevention has been established. Nevertheless, certain in vitro investigations have cast doubt on its efficacy against Omicron variants. As a result, our objective was to conduct a more extensive inquiry into the real-world efficacy of sotrovimab. Through a retrospective analysis, we gathered medical records of SARS-CoV-2 patients assessed in the infectious diseases units of Sassari, Foggia, and Bari, Italy. Our study encompassed both individuals who received sotrovimab treatment and those who were untreated throughout 2022. Our primary focus was to assess the impact of sotrovimab on curtailing disease progression (defined as the initiation of oxygen supplementation) and COVID-19-related fatalities. Additionally, we sought to evaluate the safety profile of sotrovimab.

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