Jornal de Ensaios Clínicos sobre Câncer

Advancements and Challenges in Cancer Clinical Trials: An Overview and Review of Literature


Dean Sittig

Cancer is a prevalent disease that affects millions of people worldwide. Clinical trials are crucial in developing new cancer treatments and improving the efficacy of existing ones. This paper provides an overview of cancer clinical trials, including their significance, types, and the process involved in conducting them. Additionally, the paper reviews literature on the latest advancements in cancer clinical trials and their impact on cancer treatment outcomes. The discussion section highlights the challenges faced in cancer clinical trials and suggests future directions for cancer research. The conclusion emphasizes the importance of clinical trials in advancing cancer treatment and improving patient outcomes. Introduction: Cancer is a complex and challenging disease that affects individuals across all ages and demographics. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, accounting for approximately 10 million deaths. Despite significant progress in cancer treatment, there is still a need for more effective treatments to improve patient outcomes. Clinical trials are an essential tool in the fight against cancer, as they provide critical information on the safety and efficacy of new cancer treatments.

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