A New Approach to the Definitions and Relationships between Evolution Science, Basic Sciences and Mathematics


Nasip Dem?irku*

In the literature, there is also a lot of information and misconceptions about science, mathematics, evolution, the theory of evolution, and the science of evolution. However, there is no tidy and sufficient information about the definitions, and relationships between these concepts. These confusing reasons led me to do this research. Our information about the relationships between the concepts of science, mathematics, evolution science, creature, being and wisdom seems to have misconceptions and confusion. To clarify these, the definitions and relations of these concepts carefully studied from literature sources. Since the original definitions and relationships of these basic concepts were not made correctly, the concepts caused misunderstandings. Just as there are clear and accurate definitions of Cell, Cell Theory and Cell Science. The same logic carried out and used in concepts related to evolution science. Some concepts may have more than one correct definition. New original definitions and relationships of these concepts have been proposed to contribute to education. Math is the main face of science that expresses all the knowledge, events, facts, processes, creatures and relationships in science with symbols, writing, equations, sets and shapes. No branch of science can work without mathematics. If we accept science as a body, math is like its heart. However, mathematics can work alone without the need for other disciplines. Therefore, mathematics is like the heart of science and the common denominator of the sum of all other branches of science. Based on this logic, all branches of science except mathematics constitute the natural, cultural and life interface of science. The evolutionary interface of science expresses the real- life story of all the changes in science. What is the common denominator of the positions, definitions and relationships of mathematics, evolution and science? What are the relationships between the concepts of being and creature and science, mathematics, evolution science and wisdom? The answers to these questions has been the solution to our problem sentences.

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